HELP!!!!      HELP!!!     HELP!!!
HELP!!!      HELP!!!     HELP!!!
With people becoming more time poor – it seems volunteering for your sport is really becoming a rarity! Many riders who compete all year can’t seem to find any time to put a little effort into making a day happen.
The feeling of paying an entry fee entitling you to turn up ride and go home, and leave the set up and pack down, gate stewarding, writing etc to others who mostly volunteer seems, well a little bit wrong.
Woodhill Sands – your local equestrian centre does rely on a mix of paid and volunteer supporters – we couldn’t expect the running of the facility to be done by a volunteer however neither have we the budget to pay for staff to set up and pack down gear.
Even after requests for help at our last show jumping build not one volunteer turned up to help build – yet over one hundred horses made it the next day to jump.
If all the riders who helped purchase Woodhill Sands would offer up half a day either before a show to help with set up or pack down or during an event, stewarding, dressage writing or SJ gate keeping we would have a surplus of volunteers – there is nothing to stop a show jump rider writing for the dressage or a dressage rider gate stewarding for SJ....

Don’t assume someone will do it – because it’s a bit like the story about the four guys named Everyone, Someone, Anyone and No-one.
There was an important job to be done and Everyone was sure that Someone would do it. Anyone could have done it, but No-one did it. Someone got angry about that because he thought that it was Everyone’s job. Everyone thought that Anyone could do it, but No-one realised that Everyone wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everyone was angry with Someone because No-one did what Anyone could have done!

If you would like to put back into the sport, support your equestrian centre and be available for a half day please contact us - we will add you to the volunteers list and contact you at the start of the month with various jobs that you may be able to help with. 
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