Are you entering a graded show or a non graded show?

All our GP shows, the Dressage and Show Hunter Festivals and Horse Trials are graded shows, this means they are run as part of the National series with Equestrian Sports NZ and you will need some form of registration with them.

Events like our Mini ODE's , Twilight Dressage and Show Jumping are training events and no membership is required.

At Graded shows :

Human Membership : ESNZ offer two ESNZ membership options. Both of which are explained below.

Full Membership : This is the only ‘financial’ membership ESNZ now offer (apart from existing life memberships). All riders, listed officials and an owner of every equine on our ESNZ data base must be a Full member. This membership entitles voting at National and Area levels (over 18 years of age), access to Equine/rider profiles and other ESNZ membership discounts. New Members to ESNZ receive their first years Full Membership free (Does not apply to returning members)  Can compete in all classes in all disciplines.

Community Membership:  Becoming a community member (Free) entitles inclusion in various eNewsletters (Both ESNZ & Discipline specific is requested); ability to compete in introductory level competition and non ESNZ disciplines at Horse of the Year and provides a great base for involvement in the Equestrian community. This membership also has access to some of the discounts provided from ESNZ partners/Supporters.  Can compete Dressage - Non Graded classes only.  Can Compete Show Jumping and Show Hunter - Intro Classes only (up to 80cm) Can Compete up to Eventing CNC 65cm only.

Equine Registration:  The Equine registration is made up of two parts. One part is a compulsary ESNZ registration fee (explained below) with the money going to ESNZ. The second part of the registration is a Discipline start (explained below) with this money going directly to the disciplines to help run and grow their respective sport. ESNZ Full ESNZ Registration The ESNZ Full equine registration is very simply one fee which lasts for a year (from the day it is registered, see back dating policy if required – Found on the ESNZ website). The Equines height (horse or pony) does not have any effect on this fee, unlike previously. This equine registration entitles an Equine record of results, equine profile and allows access to compete at all national levels (dependant on discipline starts).    Equines need to have a Full ESNZ registration to compete at Horse of the Year, National and Island Championships.

ESNZ Equine Casual Registration : This is a pay as you go option rather than paying a yearly equine registration fee. This is paid at shows, with them passing the money on to ESNZ. All equines using this fee will not receive an equine record of results and this is only available at certain shows/levels. 

Take a clear photo on your phone OR scan and email your entry form to angela@woodhillsands.co.nz  if you cannot do this please email entry request to email above.
Woodhill Sands Entry form click here  -
Payments should be made with your last name as reference -  Please make sure payment is made by close of entry to :

***New account number from 10th July 2016 Make sure you pay into this one! ***

Woodhill Sands Event Account: 02-0152-0581406-01

Once you have entered you will be expected to pay for entry  by close of entry, we are currently spending hours debt collecting even AFTER the event this is a major drain on Administration time and will only result in more charges - so please be prompt with payments.

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