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Woodhill Sands is home to Auckland Equestrian Sports - a not for profit group running horse trials in Waitemata.  Our next event is Labour Weekend and we will have a mini ode - combined training - practice and low level show jumping

Our first proper Horse Trial is November 10th & 11th we are running CNC 80cm - 2*
Entries will be open soon at equestrian entries
NOTE : Dressage tests for the Mini Express event Labour weekend are as advertised not as below!!

Labour Weekend Practise XC Draw
8.00 Keira Lupton
  Holly Lupton
  Jennifer Savannah x2
8.30 Lauren Alexander
  Lee Gabriel
  Holly  Wingrove
  Kayla Gerber
9.00 Darryll Cole
  Lauren Cole
  Jody Paddy
  Nicki Holmwood
9.30 Sarah Fallas
  Sarahs Mum
  Rachel Clark
  Lisa Knightly
  Hannah McAvoy
10.00 Gemma Veale
  Natalie Bunker
  Kelsey Fletcher
  Kirstin Jamieson
10.30 Sandy Gaskell
  Helen Cobb
  Rebecca Griffith
  Ally de Moor
10.45 Abby Sutherland
11.00 Connaire McCulloch
  Connaire McCulloch
  Ruby Skinner
  Sophie Kynman - Cole
11.30 Lotte Bolton
  Leah Shailer
  Francesca Ormsby
  Kaitlyn Halewood
12.00 Helen Connett
  Charlotte Robertson
  Kylie Parrish
  Laura Connor
12.30 Sarah? 
  Charlotte Barraclough
  Andy Daines
  Mel Baker
  Alex Curry
1.00 Steph Vervoort
  Tara Finch
  Nicola Andrews
  Kristy Guilfoyle
1.30 Andy Daines
  Charlotte Barraclough
  John Anderson
  Sarah ??
2.00 Helen Connett
  Jannine Hames
  Sandra Gench
  Jennifer Bauer
2.30 Sarah ??
  Kirsty Guilfoyle
  Miranda Watson
  Sarah Rogerson
3.00 Louise Deehan- Owen
  Helen Connett
  Janine Hames
  Georgia Wheatcroft
3.30 Jacquiein Harper
  Sharen Kerwin
  Michelle Wilson
  Lisa Williamson
3.45 Tarrak Yousef
4.00 Frey Scollay x 3 
  Helen Connett
4.30 Jess Swailes
  Dianne Campbell x 2
  Fiona Kerton
5.00 Natalie Mitchell
  Lisa Williamson
  Freya Scollay
  Tarrak Yousef
5.30 Jess Swailes
  Caroline McIntryre x 2
  Janet & Shaun O Meara
Our Cross Country is only open on a schedule practice day.  This is so we can monitor riders, make sure fences are safe for jumping etc.   These fun training days are a great chance through out winter to get your horse jumping  cross country and show jumps, There is usually one fully set Show Jumping course that you can adjust heights according to your experience level , plus a variety of cross country fences, which may include, banks, ditches, corners, mobiles, skinnies etc.
Riders are required to wear back protectors and medical armbands. We strongly recommend having a friend, instructor or family member with you when you jump, however we will have a staff member on hand at all times when you are jumping.
Fences open for jumping will be flagged, just like in a normal competition situation we ask that you keep the red flag on your right hand side when jumping any fences, this will keep the track around the jumps flowing and avoid head on collisions, we ask that all riders show courtesy to others riding in the same practise session.
Bookings are essential  a draw will be posted on the website usually the day prior to the practise day.
All riders on the day must sign in at the Kiosk and Yes it will be serving, cold drinks, espresso coffee and light snacks.
   Cost is $30 per horse includes Ground Fee & Admin
Bookings are to be Emailed to:  angela@woodhillsands.co.nz

Dressage Tests for Winter Mini ODE's NOT THE LABOUR WEEKEND EVENT!

Dressage Test -   Green 65 & Yellow 50
Dressage Test  - Blue 80
Dressage Test - Red 95
Dressage Test - White 105
Dressage Test 1.10m-1.15m
Dressage Test 1.15- 1.20m


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