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Car park Trial

Winter yarding trial.   Since taking over ownership the Trust has made yard improvements a priority. Broken rails were replaced, chains and hooks were installed in all yard entrances, weeds were sprayed, overhanging branches were removed, drains cleared and old bedding removed from a number of yards. As a result, the yards are much improved and better meet the needs of users.
The Trust will be trialling a new idea with the central uncovered day yards over the winter months. These are a really worthwhile resource and we want to see them used as much as possible.
To encourage the use of day yards we are going to trial:
• Reduce the day rate for uncovered yards to $10
• Parking in front of the central yards will now be reserved for day yard users only. To support this we will have signs up and will tape off areas around the preferential yard parking to make it obvious/easier to see
Our hope is that this will provide the best parking options for those riders using yards and make access to the yards easier as riders won’t need to navigate through horses tied to floats or trucks in front of the yards.
Existing parking arrangements with sponsors, auction winners and large teams requiring a particular truck space will continue to be supported.
Added benefits are also that this will help maintain the ground surface quality and footing in the car park over winter. Most riders keeping their horses at their trucks or floats are considerate and clean up any poo and hay lying around their vehicles, but a small minority drive away and leave the mess behind. Some horses also dig up the ground when tied to floats and trucks, leading to potholes in the parking areas.
We are starting the trial at our winter events beginning this weekend (1st of June) and will see how the trial works over the winter months. All feedback welcome.
Q- How do I enter?
A- Please click onto our Entries page link  - Most shows can be entered on line at www.equestrianentries.co.nz

Q: It is after Close of Entry and I no longer want to compete at the show or can't due to injury - Can I get a refund, cancel or transfer my entry?
A: You may transfer, cancel or receive a full refund for any scratching prior to the shows close of entry .  After close of entry with a Vet or Doctors' certificate you can get a refund of up to 75% of your entry fee only (Ground Fee and Admin fee is non refundable)  Please email angela@woodhillsands.co.nz to request refund.  If you do not have a doctor or vet certificate but an extraordinary reason please send us your reason for scratching and this will looked at on a case by case basis.

NO HORSE ACCESS: There are some areas we don't want horses to be, these places are for spectators only or closed to preserve ground quality.   They include the grass area up in front of the office and kiosk.   The grass area by toilets, on any of the grass arenas, up behind the water jump over winter, on any neighbouring properties.

Q: Do I need to plait or wear a jacket for competitions?
A: Non registered, low level events such as the winter series dressage and Show Jumping, Mini ODE's and the twilight series you are welcome to ride in casual (but tidy!!) attire. Plaiting is optional.  Shows with registered classes you must wear the correct attire as dictated by the disciplines rules. 

Q: Can I bring another horse to the show that is not competing.
A: That is sometimes possible - it is best to contact the shows secretary to check if the group does allow it.  Woodhill Sands events we usually do allow this, however you may be restricted to where you can ride and a ground fee is applicable so please check with the office prior to riding.

Q: If its raining will the show be cancelled - how do I find out?
A: It is highly unlikely that we will cancel a show because its raining.  We have all weather surfaces to ride on and all weather car parking.  The main reason for cancellation would be if conditions were considered dangerous, lightning - high winds.  Check the website and facebook page.  We will try to contact directly anyone entered but  it will be posted on the front page. 

Q:Can I have a caller for my dressage test?
A: Usually yes you can - we allow callers for all our non registered dressage, all registered dressage unless a championship class at a regional event or musical freestyle, all mini odes,   however all Horse Trials or ODE's run under either NZPCA or ENZ rules cannot have callers (commanded tests).

Q: Can I ride a pony if I am over 16 years old?
A: In a lot of events yes you can, there are some where the rules indicate you can only in certain classes or some not at all.   For all eventing classes, an adult may ride a pony or hack, for dressage,  an adult may ride a pony or hack, however if a class is pony specific that will require the rider to be under 17 years old.  In show hunter, an adult may ride a pony in Non HOY (horse of the year) or training classes but must ride h/c (non competitive.   Show Jumping does not allow for adults to ride ponies. 

Q: Where do I find Draws, Results, Schedules, Dressage Tests for Mini ODE's
A: Each discipline tab has a drop down menu  that has, schedules, draws and results for example to find the mini ode draw click the eventing tab to get the drop down menu and click on draws, you will find a link to a PDF of the draw here. (Note some tablets and smart phones will not show the drop down menu) the draw can also usually be found on equestrian entries if the event has had on line entries.    You will be emailed a copy of your dressage start time directly.

Q: How do I know what's coming up at Woodhill Sands.
A: We have lots of ways of advertising our events,  like our facebook page, click onto our Event calendar (top left hand corner of the home page) join the newsletter (on the homepage) lookout for our for our quarterly calendars at horse shops around Auckland, Northland and the Waikato.

Q:Can I use the yards at an event?
A: Yes you can,  for overnight use bookings are required, day yards are charged at $15 per yard, these must be paid for on the day of the event or with entry fees.

Q: Can I use the Cross Country Jumps?
A: Only at a practise cross country or clinics, we restrict use of cross country fences as many are portable and require pinning to be safe to jump, riders jumping cross country must at all times where a back protector and have someone with them.

Q: How do I book a time for the practise cross country days?
A: Simply email angela@woodhillsands.co.nz with your preferred time to ride and the number/names of any riders attending.  The draw will be done on the Thursday prior and will appear on our website (under eventing draws) and on the facebook page.


At competitions no leading horses off other horses
All accidents/falls/breakages must be reported to the office at events or emailed, phoned through asap
Please be aware of hazards present at all times and may include; cars, trucks, motorbikes moving and backing in the horse car park.  Loose animals (if accidentally freed - sometimes at speed) Horses tied to vehicles or ridden. Open waterways.
Please be a courteous rider and handler, if you are having trouble controlling your horse, be aware of yours and others safety.  Horses that kick out whilst tied up must be kept on their truck or float or yarded, horses that kick out whilst ridden  MUST display a red ribbon in their tail.
Riders absolutely MUST always wear safety helmets whilst mounted.
Stallions must be identified by wearing stallion tags at all times and can not be left tied to vehicles.  They must be supervised at all times.


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