25th January Open Day-
26th January Derby Cross
1st & 2nd February  Outpost GP SJ Show



  • Outpost Buildings GP SJ 1st & 2nd February - Click Here
  • Alltech Auckland Champs Coming Soon
  • Auckland Anniversary Peninsula Medical  Derby Cross -  Click Here
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Outpost Buildings GP SJ Show
February 1st & 2nd 2020

Entries now open on Equestrian Entries  -  
 Auckland Anniversary Weekend
Its like Cross Country with Show Jumps!!
The Derby cross on Sunday January 26th will be like a cross country course (over xc terrain) including water splashes , banks etc but with faultable fences - we have classes from x bars to 1.10m so something for everyone!

Saturday 25th is an Open Day at Woodhill
Woodhill Sands is open to ride Saturday 25th January - no bookings required - Full SJ ring and 2 dressage arenas will be available (Derby Cross track will be closed in preparation for event the following day.)

Horses welcome from 8am - 2pm

Kiosk will be open.

Ground Fee $18.00 per horse no set time limit

Show Jump arena will be at these heights

8am - 9am 1.00 - 1.10m
9am - 10am x bars
10am - 11am 60 -70 cm
11 am - 12pm 80 -90
12 - 1pm 1.10 - 1.20

No dogs please

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Alltech Auckland Champs

The Alltech Auckland Champs runs February 15th and 16th, we have the GP Super Series finals as well as the Auckland Championship cups up for grabs, HOYQ show hunter, a great fun weekend of jumping.
 Relive the weekend been....
 Check out the video of local Grand Prix rider Wendi Willimason - 
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Prydes EasiFeed - New Product

EasiGoing is ideal if you:

✔️ Want the conditioning but don’t want the energy.
✔️ Need a feed that is flexible enough to be balanced at a lower rate. This is great for those horses that only need 1.5-2kg feed.
✔️ Need an 'in between’ feed.
✔️ Looking for an extruded (cooked) and affordable feed.

Look no further! Available soon in stores. 
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FOR SALE - New Product - Naturclean

Naturclean - A unique dry powder bedding conditioner and drying agent for all animal spaces.

  • Creates a dry, safe, healthy environment in animal pens by reducing moisture and thus the potential for bacterial infection
  • SIgnificantly reduces the moisture in bedding by absorbing 4-5mls of water per 1g product, thus promotes animal welfare through cleaner drier animals.
  • Reduces ammonia levels and odours, improving the overall atmosphere.
  • Soluble in manure and will not block outlets and create problems in slurry tanks.
  • Safe to handle does not cling to animal coats.
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