30th May Practise SJ & XC
31st May Mini ODE
1st June Queens Birthday Monday ORD


Queens Birthday Weekend Fun!

A busy Queens Birthday weekend is in store for Woodhill Sands, Saturday will have the very popular practise SJ and XC, These fun training days are a great chance through out winter to get your horse jumping  cross country and show jumps, There is usually one fully set Show Jumping course that you can adjust heights according to your experience level and practise rounds or a few jumps, plus a variety of cross country fences, which may include,   corners, mobiles, skinnies etc.  Room may be limited depending on weather, however with almost 3 acres of sand arenas we are guaranteed to run.  Riders are required to wear back protectors and medical armbands and provide emergency contacts if riding alone.  We strongly recommend having a friend, instructor or family member with you when you jump, however we will have a staff member on hand at all times when you are jumping.
Fences open for jumping will be flagged, just like in a normal competition situation we ask that you keep the red flag on your right hand side when jumping any fences, this will keep the track around the jumps flowing and avoid head on collisions, we ask that all riders show courtesy to others riding in the same practise session (we try to limit the sessions to four riders per half hour) to give everyone space.  Bookings are essential so we don't have twenty riders all show up a the same time and a draw will be posted on the website usually the day prior to the practise day.
All riders on the day must sign in at the Kiosk and Yes it will be serving, cold drinks, espresso coffee and light snacks.

Practise XC Draw - 30th May click here

Sunday starts the Mini ODE It is just like a normal ODE with a dressage test, SJ round and a xc round. However the mini ODE is about training your horse therefore jumping phase is not timed.  As soon as your finish your show Jumping round you start your cross country this is a small run of cross country fences (approx 9- 10). Faults are awarded SJ faults for SJ fences i.e  stop = 4 faults,  XC faults for XC fences i.e stop =20 faults. Heights start from 50cm and go right up to 105cm xc.

Mini ODE Draw 31st May Click Here

Monday is the annual Queens Birthday Ribbon Day - this is a much loved event see below for more details.

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Dressage Results
 follow link to dressage results Click Here

Tuff Guy & Girl Challenge

If you want to get down and dirty and have a whole lot of fun, then these unique off-road running events are for you.
The events are open to both male and female competitors who are 13 years of age and older. Challenge yourself on a course that includes swamp crossings, a spiders web net climb, crawl under barb wire, beautiful native bush trails, tunnels, hurdles, a climbing frame not to mention, mud mud and more mud!  The Auckland event is held here at Woodhill Sands the most fun you'll have without your horse!
Check out www.eventpromotions.co.nz for more details.
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Winter calendars out now

Get your copy today events for the next few months are now available at Woodhill Sands and a local feed or tack shop near you - cant find one - contact us today and we'll make sure some are in your neighbourhood! Updated Calendar Out Soon!
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Queens Birthday ORD

The annual ORD is back again Queens Birthday Monday falls on June 1st 2015.  We have four rings running offering lead rein, kindy, Novice and Open classes please find schedule attached below - entries are on the day.

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  Show Specials available at all Woodhill Sands days - don't miss out these fantastic prices for great product!
Mycosorb 1kg pails available for $35 including GST and Life Forse  1.7kg pouches for a steal at $76.50 (we have the 5kg Buckets too for those of you with more than one horse at $225.00
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