1st  August - Practise SJ & XC
2nd August - Mini ODE & Dressage

Get Ready ! Get Ready ! Get Ready ! Get Ready !

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Dust off the show jackets the season is starting super early this year,  with horse of the year coming forward two weeks this means getting those qualifications in plenty of time will be come more pressing this season, Woodhill Sands is running three spring shows that will have their own accumulated championships, we have 13 dress rugs up for grabs, Cash Accumulator prizes and the GP Super Series will be starting.
Shows run:
Dressage & Show Hunter (registered and non registered) 29th & 30th August, 12th & 13th September, Final 26th & 27th September   to find schedule Click here
GP SJ Shows Spring Series (featuring the GP Super Series) 22nd & 23rd August, 5th & 6th September, 19th & 20th September.  To find schedule click here

Entering events:

All Woodhill Sands events will now only be found on the Woodhill Sands website.  We will have a new on-line entry system that we are currently developing that will make entering events at Woodhill Sands super easy.
For now for small training events (mini odes etc) please use the form below and submit if you have problems with this PDF you can simply email your entries to angela@woodhillsands.co.nz .  Entries for the registered shows (GP SJ Show and the Dressage & Show Hunter festivals should be made on your ESNZ competitor entry forms (available to download from ESNZ)
Get your registrations current now - there is always a backlog around September with everyone wanting to register for the season at the same time, no current registration will mean you cannot jump in series classes, points for HoY wont count and you will need a casual registration of $20.00 plus.
Remember riders, entries should be accompanied by entry fees, with on line entering payments for shows are getting later and later, riders entering, being drawn and not showing up have increased and debt collecting is becoming a real issue for many groups and clubs.  When you make an entry payment is required by Close of Entry.  If you are unable to this the shows secretary should be contacted. 
Please Enter Here for all Woodhill Sands events   ENTRY FORM
If you have any problems with the entry form submit button  please email your entry directly to angela@woodhillsands.co.nz
Last seasons fun
 Jump off video to inspire you...Series classes start up at the Woodhill Sands GP SJ Shows Spring series with the Junior and Amateur rider classes, we also have the Woodhill Sands GP Super Series.

Mini ODE Next Sunday

Entries and bookings are being taken for the August Mini ODE and Dressage and Practise Day.
The Mini ODE & Dressage are happening on Sunday, Woodhill Sands debuts its training tests for dressage, Mini ODE tests can be found on the eventing page.
Practise Day (SJ & XC) Bookings are essential as we will most likely be restricted to the sand arenas and don't want to many of you all at once.  Requests should go to angela@woodhillsands.co.nz
practise xc


Clinics coming up - Dressage & SJ
Two well known clinicians will be teaching at Woodhill Sands early August.  Dressage riders, Philipp Oxenius will be here August 11th.
Philipp is a previous 3 day event rider for Germany and has competed in Australia  in the sport of eventing.  A professional dressage coach, he is a well known Elite instructor for both Dressage and Eventing in NZ.  He coached and developed the NZ young dressage riders development squad from  1992 –2001  
Cost is $90 for a  private 45min lesson   plus ground fee
Vaughn Jefferis is back August 15th.  As a member of New Zealand’s eventing ‘dream team’ Vaughn and the inimitable Bounce represented New Zealand at two Olympics and three World Championships, A true horseman, Vaughn was also a show jump rider in his own right prior to representing NZ as an eventer.   Vaughn teaches with attention to detail, working on gymnastic exercises to improve both rider and horse techniques.   $100 per lesson (group / individual lessons ) plus ground fee
August Clinics
Covered yard up grade
The need for covered yards increase each show, and Woodhill Sands is looking to upgrade its covered yards for this season please read on if you are interested in guarantying a covered yard for your horse or pony at every show you attend!
Read More
New Dressage Tests

 Woodhill Sands will launch its very own dressage tests for all our training dressage - starting this weekend!
Please feel free to download, save or print the following tests - we will always advertise these as Woodhill Sands test 1A if not or at a registered show (like our festival of Dressage and Show Hunter) we will have the Dressage NZ tests and they will be run under Dressage NZ rules.

New Woodhill Sands Dressage Tests
Cpw - dressage shot


  Show Specials available at all Woodhill Sands days - don't miss out these fantastic prices for great product!
Mycosorb 1kg pails available for $35 including GST and LIFEFORCE™ 1.7kg pouches for a steal at $76.50 (we have the 5kg Buckets too for those of you with more than one horse at $225.00
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