20th October 2019 WRC 
26th October Practice SJ & XC
27th October Mini ODE
28th October Grass Roots SJ
3rd November Dressage Waitemata




  • Maxlife Batteries Derby Program - Click Here
  • Mini ODE Dressage Tests - Click Here
  • November Prydes EasiFeed GP SJ & SH Schedule - Click Here
  • Fiber Fresh Premier SJ & SH Show Schedule 30 Nov & 1 Dec - Coming Soon
  • New Year show schedules coming soon
Happy Birthday to us!!

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Quiz Night birthday

Dressage 2-3
Photo credit: Hannah Comrie
Dressage Waitemata 

Next day coming up November 3rd
For entries go to www.equestrianentries.co.nz
Labour Weekend Fun
Fun for the eventors this Labour Weekend with practise XC on Saturday 26th, Mini ODE Sunday Entries are now open on Equestrian Entries.
No registration required -  Mini ODE consists of simple dressage test a course of show jumps and 8 - 10 cross country fences.   Jumping rounds are not timed.

Prydes xc 3-168
Photo Credit: AC Photography
Charlotte Trenary - Jnr rider-354
Grass Roots Show Jumping
Grass roots show jumping labour weekend Monday - 3 rings including Grass roots x bar ponies and horses.

Entries on equestrian entries or accepted on the day.

Horses and riders don't need to be registered

Ribbons for place getters.
 Image  supplied by Hannah Comrie NZ Supergroom and Photographer 
 Relive the weekend been....
 Check out the video of local Grand Prix rider Wendi Willimason - 
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Prydes EasiFeed - New Product

EasiGoing is ideal if you:

✔️ Want the conditioning but don’t want the energy.
✔️ Need a feed that is flexible enough to be balanced at a lower rate. This is great for those horses that only need 1.5-2kg feed.
✔️ Need an 'in between’ feed.
✔️ Looking for an extruded (cooked) and affordable feed.

Look no further! Available soon in stores. 
Easi Going New-479

FOR SALE - New Product - Naturclean

Naturclean - A unique dry powder bedding conditioner and drying agent for all animal spaces.

  • Creates a dry, safe, healthy environment in animal pens by reducing moisture and thus the potential for bacterial infection
  • SIgnificantly reduces the moisture in bedding by absorbing 4-5mls of water per 1g product, thus promotes animal welfare through cleaner drier animals.
  • Reduces ammonia levels and odours, improving the overall atmosphere.
  • Soluble in manure and will not block outlets and create problems in slurry tanks.
  • Safe to handle does not cling to animal coats.
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