27th june - 2nd July  Grounds Closed to horses for Tough Guy & Gal
9th July - Dressage and Show Hunter
10th July - Mini ODE


  •  Show Jumping & Show Hunter Results 26th June- Click Here
  • Vaughn Jefferis Clinic Details  click here
  • Dressage & Show Hunter 9th July Click here
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Coming up at Woodhill Sands....

 The horses get a week off with the mud runners soon to descend upon Woodhill Sands with Event Promotions Loaded Tough Guy and Gal Challenge.  This is some real dirty fun.  Mud, eels and a whole lot of laughs.   Great to spectate to so if your not sure its your cup of tea to do, come over for a look!  

Once we get back to all things equine the following weekend we have something for everyone with Aon Dressage and Prydes Easi Feed Show Hunter running on the Saturday (July 9th) and the Alltech Mini ODE Sunday (July 10th)

tuff guy montage-118
 Seems like so long ago!
Footage from the Aon Insurance Premier SJ Show enjoy...

Winter at Woodhill Sands

Winter Calendars

The Woodhill Sands winter calendars will be out at a shop near you soon - But if you cant wait here is an electronic copy for you to print out yourself - filled with all our winter schedules from now right through to July! 

Click here

 Remember riders our winter days are great fun, jackets and plaiting are optional.  These days are not registered so you don't have to be a pony club or ESNZ member to compete.  We have classes to suit the just starting out horse and rider and classes for the pros as well !


Monthly Membership

For one horse, week day riding only between the hours of 9.30 - 5pm.
Monthly Members will still need to book in to ride.
(Gate will be locked otherwise)

Sand - Harley Canter-400


 The winter series are on their way to being fun but hard fought competitions once again.  After Day one and two for many of the series we have some clear stand out combinations -  however with three and a half months of competition still to run it could still be anyone's game!
 Accumulator points are awarded as follows...

sand - training xc-206
Mini ODE:  Leader board Updated & Amended - Click here
Winter Series Accumulator :  Points will be awarded at each winter series day - as follows - Yellow 50 & Green 65 1st = 6 2nd = 5 3rd = 4 4th = 3 5th = 2 6th = 1 Blue 1st = 7 2nd = 6 3rd = 5 4th = 4 5th = 3  6th = 2  Red 95 1st = 8 2nd = 7 3rd = 6 4th = 5 5th = 4 6th = 3
In case of tie rider with best placing record will be the winner
 beauty Splash-80
Dressage: Updated Click here
Winter Series Accumulator :  Points will be awarded at each winter series day - as follows
57 - 59.99% = 1  60 - 62.99% = 3  63 - 66.99 = 5 67%plus = 7
In case of tie rider with the best placing record will be the winner.
 Pel sand Jump-432
Show Jumping:  Leader Board  Updated Click here
Winter Series Accumulator :  Points will be awarded at each winter series day - as follows
1st = 6 2nd = 4 3rd = 3 4th = 2 5th = 1  Points will be given on a 1:3 ratio .  If two or less in a class the winner must go clear in the first round to qualify for 6 points.
 Show Hunter Sands 2-163
Show Hunter -Updated  - Click here
Winter Series Accumulator :  Points will be awarded at each winter series day - as follows
1st = 6 2nd = 4 3rd = 3 4th = 2 5th = 1   Points will be awarded to scores achieving 66% or above only
In case of tie rider with the highest average percentage will be the winner.

Business House Tournament
Auckland 5-767
Postponed to July 30th - (Saturday)
Time to put company pride on the line and represent your brand in your sport - the second annual Business House Tournament is back for 2016.  Teams of four battle to win the title of Business House Champions

Prydes Easi Feed Tip of the Month
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Protein QUALITY is critical for topline, recovery after events, coat and hooves. Without TOP QUALITY protein in the diet there can be problems in any one of these areas.  Make sure when buying hard feed/premixed feed that the bag includes top quality protein sources e.g. ingredients such as Extruded Full Fat Soybean, Faba Beans, and Lupins etc. Sometimes the feed will show a high protein percent but the protein quality is poorly digestible or less desirable e.g. peas and poorly described protein meals or byproducts.  Protein quality in the feed is particularly important when grass levels are low or grass is of poor quality as good grass is where a lot of protein in the diet comes from.   Fibre sources such as Fiber Fresh products also help provide good quality protein alongside your good quality hard feed in the bucket.

For more tips contact your North Island Pryde’s EasiFeed representative
Hayley-Jane Malcolmson 027 247 6881 or/ hayleyjane@prydes.co.nz

Prydes 8-634



  Show Specials available at all Woodhill Sands days - don't miss out these fantastic prices for great product!
Mycosorb 1kg pails available for $35 including GST and LIFEFORCE™ 1.7kg pouches for a steal at $76.50 (we have the 5kg Buckets too for those of you with more than one horse at $225.00
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