22nd June 2019 WRC Dressage
23rd June 2019 Combined Training
29th June 2019 Alltech Winter Dressage
30th June 2019 Burmester Realty SJ




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Shavings for sale
Premium animal bedding. Low on dust, dry, natural and hygienic. Bales are easy to move around and sealed to ensure you are getting quality every bale. Each bale is approx 15kg.
These are selling elsewhere at around $27. Grab yourself a bargain and get ready for those winter months.
Bales are priced at $20 a bale. If buying 20 bales or more the price reduces to $17.50 a bale. Pick up is from Woodhill Sands.
Please contact Angela on
angela@woodhillsands.co.nz or 027 497 2637

Car Park Trial

Since taking over ownership the Trust has made yard improvements a priority. Broken rails were replaced, chains and hooks were installed in all yard entrances, weeds were sprayed, overhanging branches were removed, drains cleared and old bedding removed from a number of yards. As a result, the yards are much improved and better meet the needs of users.
The Trust will be trialing a new idea with the central uncovered day yards over the winter months. These are a really worthwhile resource and we want to see them used as much as possible.
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Prydes SJ - 1-322
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Combined Training 
Sunday 23rd June 2019
Combined Training classes consist of a simple dressage test and a show jumping round. Plaiting and Jackets are not required, Casual but tidy attire requested. Mix and Match class - want to do this event but jumping or dressage isn't your thing or your horses? The Mix and match class is for you—you can sub in a rider to do the flat work or the jumping or keep the same rider but swap horses between classes (i.e one horse to do the dressage test another to jump) please note Ground fee and Admin fee is applicable per horse so if you want to bring two along for one class each will require a GF and Admin paid.  
 Relive the weekend been....
 Check out the video of local Grand Prix rider Wendi Willimason - 
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Prydes EasiFeed - New Product

EasiGoing is ideal if you:

✔️ Want the conditioning but don’t want the energy.
✔️ Need a feed that is flexible enough to be balanced at a lower rate. This is great for those horses that only need 1.5-2kg feed.
✔️ Need an 'in between’ feed.
✔️ Looking for an extruded (cooked) and affordable feed.

Look no further! Available soon in stores. 
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FOR SALE - New Product - Naturclean

Naturclean - A unique dry powder bedding conditioner and drying agent for all animal spaces.

  • Creates a dry, safe, healthy environment in animal pens by reducing moisture and thus the potential for bacterial infection
  • SIgnificantly reduces the moisture in bedding by absorbing 4-5mls of water per 1g product, thus promotes animal welfare through cleaner drier animals.
  • Reduces ammonia levels and odours, improving the overall atmosphere.
  • Soluble in manure and will not block outlets and create problems in slurry tanks.
  • Safe to handle does not cling to animal coats.
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