25th ANZAC DAY Woodhill Sands Dressage
29th Woodhill Sands Show Hunter
30th Woodhill Sands Show Jumping




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 Horse Trials at Woodhill Sands
 Blast from the past -  

Making the hard jobs easier!

You may have noticed the newest  and bright red member of the team - the new Massey Ferguson tractor will certainly make those hard jobs easy.  Grant Hudson from the The Tractor Centre in Pukekohe showed up with this magnificent beast in time for the Alltech GP show.  If you are in the market for a tractor to make your hard jobs easier - give Grant and the team at The Tractor Centre a call - they are here supporting your sport.

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Show Special PEL Equine - Safe Fencing solutions
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PEL Equine Fencing gear will be available to purchase at all shows coming up with sharp show specials  if your in the market for some temporary fencing solutions come and see us.  We also have information on equine sighter wire, gates and permanent safe equine fencing.
Auckland Equestrian Sports - Tune Up For Taupo
April 22nd & 23rd 2017 

Open to all riders Saturday April 22nd 2017 Express Event classses 65cm - 105cm plus Combined Training 1*, 2* and 3*.  The Dressage tests for 105 - 3* are the same as the Taupo 3DE.   Sunday there is non registered Dressage and Show Jumping that anyone can ride at.  Dressage tests start at Level 1 and go to Level 5 and Show jumping starts at 60cm for ponies and hacks.  There is also a special arena just for eventers who want to ride their Taupo 3DE test and get direct feedback from a list 2plus judge.

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Prydes EasiFeed tip of the Month - Holding Conditon

We are heading into the business end of the season and the challenge for many is to hold condition and topline.

Battling to hold condition?

Make sure horse has a balanced workload (hacking out included)
Plenty of good quality fibre in diet (this can be 2-3 slices of hay or haylage per day if grass is short, plus your Fibre Fresh in the bucket)  Make sure the hard feeds you are feeding are calorie dense and extruded. This includes feeds like Pryde’s EasiResponse and EasiResult. Top quality feeds like this mean that what is going into your horse is actually being well utilised and therefore better at putting on weight than lesser processed feeds.  Look at the feed rates on the bag. Feed more of the calorie dense feeds if required.
Weigh your feed in the dipper as all feeds weigh a different amount. Not all dippers and feeds are 1kg! Remember when you hit the minimum rates on the bag, your horse is getting all the vits and mins too in the complete feeds

Battling topline?

Make sure you have good condition first. Topline comes after condition  Make sure there is top quality protein in diet (Fibre Fresh, quality hay, good grass, extruded soy in feed. Avoid poor quality protein ingredients like peas etc.  Try Pryde’s Rebuild as an add-in (read instructions). This will help if doing all the above and want faster progress.

For any questions, contact your Pryde’s EasiFeed nutritionist and North island rep: Hayley-Jane Malcolmson on 027 247 6881 or hayleyjane@prydes.co.nz

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  Show Specials available at all Woodhill Sands days - don't miss out these fantastic prices for great product!
Mycosorb 1kg pails available for $35 including GST and LIFEFORCE™ 1.7kg pouches for a steal at $76.50 (we have the 5kg Buckets too for those of you with more than one horse at $225.00
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