Woodhill Sands Equestrian Centre

Woodhill Sands is a premier equestrian centre boasting over 3 acres of all weather sand arenas as well as two Couch Grass Grand Prix Arenas. In addition, cross country course designer Chris Ross has built a track that accommodates all level easily from Pre-Intro right through to Advanced.

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Prydes Feed Premier Show Class Changes

horse and rain Due to extreme weather again this week leading up to our premier show we wish to advise the following changes:   Please    note whilst the forecast is expecting  fine weather for the weekend, today sees flooding and torrential rain at Woodhill Sands. 

All arenas will be on the sand and we are amalgamating rings to allow room for everyone

pdfPrydes Feed Premier SJ Show - update


Woodhill Sands and Waitemata Show Jumping bring you the Grand Slam

Held over the three premier shows at Woodhill Sands, the  Prydes Feed Premier Show November  ,  SJ Waitemata World Cup Premier SJ Show January  , and  Woodhill Sands Aon Premier Show February  .

To win the Grand Slam, a horse and rider combination must win all three premier grand prix classes.  This prize will continiously roll on, but the Grand Prix’s  must be won consecutively.

Horses stand to win, $3000 cash, cover and Moet, Ponies $1000 cash plus cover.  This prize is over and above the prize money offered for each class.

The first premier show is this weekend at Woodhill Sands, the Prydes Feed Premier SJ Show.   Entries are still accepted in all classes, but especially any wanting to have the first chance at the Grand Slam.

FF Jump


Fiber Fresh Feeds Labour Weekend Horse Trial Show Wrap up and images on the Eventing page now....

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 Aon Show Jumping on TV

The Aon SJ show will be aired on Country TV (Sky Channel 81)    Tuesday 28th October @ 8.30PM & 02.30AM   Get this channel now!! Don't miss out !

Country TV 

Results from the Aon SJ Show - Series Classes

Aon SJ Horse Grand Prix

 1 - V Wilson, Ngahiwi Showtym Premier 2 - K Laurie, Dunstan Springfield, 3 - C Cameron, Campione GNZ, 4 - K Laurie, Dunstan Breeze 5 - A Wilson, Showtym Cassanova 6 - J Barker, Eros K

Alltech Pony Grand Prix

1 - B Burnett Grant, Pioneer Jade, 2 - B Pullan, Terracotta Rose, 3 - B Burnett Grant, Kabo Silver, 4 - T Hackett, IamwhatIam 5 -M Bult, Pioneer High Jinx 6 - M Bult, Mr Black Magic

Horse GP Super Series

 1 - V Wilson, Showtym Levado GNZ, 2 - J Smith, SP Vision, 3 - M Gilmour, Cuba D Esquelmes Z 4 - E Varcoe, Astek Incahoots, 5- M Gilmour, Winston V Driene, 6 -J Barker, Karla K

Pony GP Super Series

 1 -L Lush, Galaxy Peaches N Cream, 2 - L Small - Mahoe Moon Frost, 3 - E Watson, Galaxy Samurai, 4 - S Lammers - Airborne Magic, 5 - A Carson - Galaxy Knight Out 6 - D Smith - MF Spot On

**** Look to the SJ page under results to see where the points table stands for the GP Super Series****

Fiber Fresh Young Rider

1 - R van Tiel, Double J Angelic 2 - B Burnett Grant - Ngahiwi Telephonic 3 - R Commons, 42 Below 4 -E Hayward Morgan, AP Ninja 5 -L Allen, Witheze 6 - S Morrison - Biarritz  7 -  S Burling - LR Ruger MH

Prydes Feed Junior Rider

1 - E Hayward Morgan, Wasabi 2 - N Lammers, Skewy, 3 - E Hayward Morgan, Yandoo Lady Gold (N) 4 - M Weal - Dunstan De Boss 5 - O Valder, Monty Python 6 - L Lush, Macavee

Burmester Realty Pro Am

 1 - N Lammers, Telestar 2 - S Peters, Zabambi 3 - J Jermyn, Landenfield 4 - D Blundell, Collette 5 - C Fox, War Dance II 6 -S Beal, Y-Not 7- A Jackson, Gamblers Pride

PEL Amateur Rider

1 - S Turner, Vegas Blues 2 - N Lammers, Silent Assassin 3 - K Wilson, Ngahiwi Showtym Dancer 4 - M Dudding, Country Vogue 5 - C Stewart, Hit Parade 6 - A Kerwish, Spring Fling

Equissage 7 Year Old Series

1 - L Cubitt, Unlimited NZPH, 2 - R McGregor, Equador MVNZ 3 - V Wilson, Showtym Silloutte 4- A Ogilvie - Ripple Effect 5 - C Cameron, WTF Cabello 6 - L Cubitt - Uniquely Blue NZPH

Radio Sport 6yr old Series

1 - R Lim, SE Rumor Has It

Harrison Lane 5yr old series

1 = W Willis, Dalisia  1= T Ranger, Alezan Chablis 1 = S Mathews, Aldivo 2 1= M Mariner, Big Bird 1= P Duley, Old King Cole









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