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FAQs Show-Jumping

Answers to some common questions about Show Jumping events at Woodhill Sands.

  • When can I see the course plan?

    The plan of the course will be posted by the entrance to the ring at last 30 minutes before the class starts. The course plan shows the jumps in the order of jumping, the time for completion and jump off course. Time is allowed for riders to walk the course before the class starts. A call will be made for the course walk.

  • How is the start of a jumping round signalled?

    The bell starts a 45 second countdown during which the rider has to start the round by crossing the start line and jump the first jump. Failure to do so results in elimination.

  • What are the different penalties for a Show Jumping round?

    Penalties (called faults) are incurred for:

    • Knocking down the top rail of a jump;

    • A foot in a water jump;

    • Disobedience (refusal, run out, horse refuses to go forward or halts (called resistance), falls, rider circles, rider deviates from course as per plan, and unauthorised assistance). Disobediences occurring between the bell ringing and rider crossing the start line are not penalised.

    A round is called a clear round when no penalties are incurred.

  • What are the different types of jumping competitions?

    A: There are two types of competitions in jumping, referred to as table A and Table C respectively. Within Table A, there are a number of options.

    In the jumping competitions at Woodhill Sands, most classes are run as Table A A2, AM3 and AM1.

    1. Table A – points penalties for faults and exceeding time, and elimination for falls or disobedience – generally 3rd disobedience but 2nd disobedience for 1.30m and above.

      • In Table A, A1 - In normal competitions not against the clock, prizes shared by riders with equal penalties.

      • In Table A, AM 3, not against clock with a time allowed, there is a jump off against the clock.

      • In Table A, AM 4, not against clock with a time allowed, there is a jump off not against the clock, and then a second jump off against the clock in event of equality of penalties after first jump off.

      • In Table A, A2, competitions against the clock, riders with equal penalties are placed in order of time taken to complete round. In unlikely event of equal penalties and time, there may be a shortened jump off.

      • In Table A, AM 5, in event of equal penalties and time, there is a jump off.

      • In Table A, AM 6, competitions against the clock, if there are riders with equal penalties after first jump off against the clock, there is a second jump off against the clock.

    2. Table C – faults are penalised as seconds added to time. In event of equality for first place, riders are placed equal first unless event schedule specifically provides for a jump off.

For the complete and detailed rules of the sport, go to ESNZ’s website here.

A link to the ESNZ Introduction to Jumping booklet can be downloaded here.


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